05 octubre 2012

Distinguished Gentleman´s Ride Madrid

from reefonline on Vimeo.

30th September, 2012 - A day where Cafe racers, bobbers, flat trackers, classics, and retro's across the globe unite. We ride the world for no reason being distinguished.
To bring together the world for one day of immature stupidity & fun on two wheels while wearing a suit. 30th September, 2012
The Distinguished Gentleman's Ride is an event for Cafe Racer, Bobber, Flat Tracker, Retro, Classic, Quirky Motorcycles and their owners. It is a worldwide event taking place on the same day in each respective time zone. It is a day where no matter what your work/social/life status may be everyone is equally distinguished. It therefore means we approve the right to wear monocles, attach brief cases to your bike, side saddle your bike as your chauffeur steers for you, wear a bow tie, shave your beard into a mustache, smoke an old school pipe while riding, attach a cup holder for your high tea, drink JW Blue (while stopped and in consideration) use your satellite phone to call in your private chopper and above most ride your bike with one escort on the handle bars & one sitting on your lap.
The link that brings the world together on this day are these two/three words 'Distinguished' & 'Caferacers'.
To take part you need to be in the correct attire. Be as creative as you want or as bland as you want. The most important thing is to make yourself laugh, make others laugh and you have a blast along the way.

¡¡ Sin duda una muy buena iniciativa , Felicidades ¡¡

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